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M T Wineglass

  • Lots happening on the nose with this Shiraz. There are dark berries, black pepper and herbacious notes.

    The mouth-feel is lighter than full-bodied Shiraz wines. Black berries, dark cherries, and capsicum dance with leather, cedar, oak and luscious tannins.

    This is a very good Shiraz punching way above its price bracket. A real treat with a long, lip-smacking palate.

    ABV 14.5%  pH 3.42  Residual Sugar N/A

    Drink 2020 – 2030

    iS10 Winescale  8.0 pts  Great Quality

  • Light red in colour.

    The nose is red cherry with some herbacious notes.

    On the palate, there is red cherry, some sour cherry, cut grass and bay leaf and a little cinamon.

    This is a light Pinot with a short palate.

    ABV 12.7%  pH 3.48  Residual Sugar N/A

    Drink 2020-2025

    iS10 Winescale  5.5 pts   Good Quality

  • Smooth, very easy drinking Shiraz with a long palate.

    Palate and nose dominated by rich dark fruits – berries and plum.

    There are delicious secondary flavours of licorice, leather and tobacco.

    This wine is beautifully balanced with tannins, acid and fruit all humming along in harmony.

    Alc 14.5%    pH 3.63    Residual sugar N/A

    iS10 Winescale 7.5 pts Great Quality

  • If you are not familiar with Gruner Veltliner, this is a good one to cut your teeth on.

    It hails from Wachau which is located on the Danube river in Lower Austria close to the borders of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    The wine carries the Wachau classification of Federspiel which means it has 11.5 – 12.5 ABV (Alcohol by Volume).

    This white wine is clear with a tinge of light white gold. The nose is a mix of white flowers, stone fruit and tropical fruit (white peach and pineapple), a tickle of white pepper and light minerality.

    On the palate, the wine is dry with some white peach and a hint of lime and grapefruit. There is some pleasant phenolic bitterness and a very light creamy mouth feel.

    Alc 12.0%    pH N/A    Residual sugar 1.0 g/L

    iS10 Winescale 7.0 pts Great Quality

  • Made from 100% Corvina grapes, this medium bodied wine is garnet in colour and has a shy nose with some red fruit, and dried potpourri. Secondary notes of turned earth, herbs and dill. No oak present.

    The palate is clean with red fruit, cherry and cranberry. There is also a hint of liquorice and clove. The tannins are very soft and the palate relatively short.

    This is a pleasant, easy drinking wine. It should be consumed within 4-5 years.

    Alc 13.0%    pH N/A    Residual sugar N/A

    iS10 Winescale 5.5 Points

  • Deep, deep bull’s blood colour, almost black.
    Red current nose with some floral notes.
    A medium bodied wine with flavours of cherry, some dark fruit and a hint of clove.
    The palate is short with dry tannins.

    Alc 14.0%    pH N/A    Residual sugar N/A

    iS Winescale   6.0 pts   Good Quality


  • Dark red in colour, almost black. The nose combines spice and white pepper with dark berries, cherries and plums.
    Everything about this wine is refined and refreshing.
    A lighter Malbec with light cherry and berry flavours accompanied by gentle tannins and some oak.

    Alc 14.5%    pH N/A    Residual sugar N/A

    iS Winescale   6.0 pts   Good Quality


  • Deep blood red in colour, the nose combines oak, plum and dark cherry.
    Dark cherry dominates the palate with plum/prune flavours in the background. The American oak is evident throughout but is kept in balance. The oak adds drying tannins.
    An Australian Malbec that is very enjoyable but needs to be opened at least one hour before drinking to be properly appreciated.

    Alc 13.5%    pH N/A    Residual sugar N/A

    iS Winescale   7.0 pts   Great Quality


  • This is a very special wine from Georgia (Black Sea Georgia not the USA State).
    The colour is deepest, darkest cherry.
    The nose has a wonderful burst of blackberries with a background of leather, cedar and tobacco.
    The long palate reverses the nose offering dark flavours of leather, tobacco and cedar accompanied by strong but pleasant drying tannins against a backdrop of blackberries.
    All in all, a fascinating must try wine, very different and demanding of respect.
    Saperavi is a Teinturier grape i.e. a grape with dark flesh.
    Alc 12.5%    pH 3.90    Residual sugar 4.0 g/L

    iS Winescale   7.0 pts   Great Quality


  • The 2016 Charli Jaye Chardonnay is a light and delicate chardonnay.
    A bright lime cordial colour with a lime nose and a hint of cream.
    The palate is a delicate blend of citrus, melon and light oak.
    This is a very good chardonnay designed to complement suitable food groups especially delicate fish dishes.

    Alc 13.5%    pH N/A    Residual sugar N/A

    iS Winescale   6.5 pts   Good Quality


  • This Albarino from Rias Baixas DOP in Galicia, NW Spain should be in everyone’s wine collection.
    The colour is a beautiful lime/lemon.
    The nose wafts lime, white pear, apple pie and a touch of cream.
    The palate blends lime and white pear with a gentle hint of pink chewing gum which works well in the mix of flavours.
    The acidity is refreshing and complements the soft mid palate creaminess. Needs to be cold for optimal enjoyment.
    Alc 13.5%    pH N/A    Residual sugar N/A

    iS Winescale   7.5 pts   Great Quality


  • Marselan was created in the South of France in 1961. It is a Cabernet Sauvignon x Grenache cross.

    This medium bodied red wine is deep red in colour. It has an attractive nose of red berries with some floral notes. The palate consists of red berries and cherries with a drying touch of soft tannins. There is a metallic hint in the after taste.
    Alc 14.0%    pH N/A    Residual sugar N/A

    iS Winescale   6.0 pts   Good Quality


  • A blend of Castelao; Camarate; Tinta Minda; Touriga Nacional

    Garnet in colour, this medium bodied wine has a nose of cherry and red fruit. The palate blends cherry and plum with a soft savoury hint and some green grass tannins. An easy drinking wine.
    Alc 13.0%    pH N/A    Residual sugar N/A

    iS Winescale  6.0 pts   Good Quality


  • Mid cherry colour with a nose of cherries, brambles and a touch of basil. The palate has lovely fresh cherries and red fruit with oak evident. Slightly harsh green tannins detract from an otherwise very good Pinot. Needs time to open up.
    Alc 13.0%    pH N/A    Residual sugar N/A

    iS Winescale   6.5 pts   Good Quality


  • Dark plum nose with a hint of pepper. Big palate of plum and black fruit, dark cherry and a touch of spice.

    Just as the tannins threaten, they are greeted by delicious black fruits and a touch of dark chocolate. Really good wine.
    Alc 14.5%    pH 3.6    Residual sugar N/A

    iS Winescale   8.0 pts   Great Quality


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